Feeling Worthless?

Peace be upon you all. How's your day going? Today I decided to write this post even though I have actually written the topic weeks before 😂 Just couldn't get the nerve to write. Anyway here it is finally. Hope you enjoy reading and don't forget to like and comment in the comments section below. … Continue reading Feeling Worthless?

Prisoner of Love

I've always thought love is coercive One person forcing their ideologies onto another Mostly a man using a woman's love to toss her around Lie to her, break her heart and leave I've always been against it - it never made sense It's all a chauvinistic approach of luring women in a cage But of … Continue reading Prisoner of Love

Mentally, I’m not okay

It starts as a normal day Full of vigor and enthusiasm, yearning for what the day will bring ... But not for me It's always the same As the first rays of sunlight pierces through the soft cotton curtain, my eyes open, my mind wide awake My chest constricts, a piercing feeling dampening it with … Continue reading Mentally, I’m not okay

Why did I fall in love again?

I'm stuck Overthinking and overwhelmed I promised myself not to fall in love again But here I am Falling for someone who can't fight with me For me, against all odds I thought love is about compromise Feeling you can do anything for that one person But we fight once And you say you can't … Continue reading Why did I fall in love again?

feel free, and just be…

the tree grows taller, andsometimes I feel smallerthan life as it manifests before me moments like thesecome and go, we know,and yet, as they arise,we continually strive… to knowthe answers, yet,will we remember to abide… insteadof fightingagainst the currentwe feel inside, let it subside and know, this energywill carry ustowardour final destination, a ridefor the … Continue reading feel free, and just be…